The McMurchie Home

Bartley Home | 2016 Duniway Holiday Home Tour

Photo courtesy of Norman Hersom

The McMurchie Home

The McMurchie home is an inspiration tor those looking for modern and contemporary style. This mid-century stunner has been fully remodeled, with every inch showing a thoughtfully creative design aesthetic sure to wow and inspire.

Third-generation Eastmoreland residents, the McMurchie family has deep, long-standing roots throughout the community. All three generations attended Duniway Elementary School. Julie McMurchie is still part of a running group comprised of moms who met when their children attended Kindergarten at the school.

Those relationships deeply impacted their decision to stay in Eastmoreland as they downsized from their former family home. When they walked past this newly-listed midcentury home, the decision was made. Two years later their remodel was finished and a new chapter began.

Their vision was to keep the layout as open as possible. As Julie said, “We wanted you to feel like whether you were in the kitchen or the living room, you were still part of the same experience.” While the home’s basic footprint remains unchanged, a back bedroom was removed to create an open kitchen and family room space that easily transitions to their beautiful outdoor patio area.

One of the home’s most striking features are large windows that allow in floods of warm, natural light, adding to the open, spacious feeling of each room. By working closely with the architect, designer and landscape architect, the McMurchies created a home that seamlessly extends from the interior to the exterior.

This clean floor plan is accentuated by muted wall colors and clean bright finishes. Pops of color on the furniture and carefully curated items on the shelves provide visual interest without overwhelming. A mix of natural and darker wood floors tie it all together. Each room feels calm and clean without being cold.

The straight lines and modern fixtures provide a perfect backdrop for carefully displayed art. Each meaningful piece offers a visual journey through the 29 years that Julie and Brad have been together. Both pieces in the living room and dining room are by local Portland artists and the beach picture depicts Westwind — a place near and dear to Julie’s heart.

Make sure to visit the master bath, featuring such spectacular finishes that tour attendees could easily feel as if they were transported into a beautifully appointed hotel. And the basement with its raised ceiling creates such an open floor plan that you’ll scarcely believe you’re actually in a basement.

This home is truly a stunning visual into what a modern family home can look like in a traditional neighborhood.

Drawing of the McMurchie Home by 3rd Grader, Luke Miller

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