About Duniway Elementary

duniwayDuniway Elementary School’s origins trace back over 130 years. The school is named after Abigail Scott Duniway—an Oregon wagoneer, teacher and newspaper editor who became nationally known for her pioneering efforts in achieving women’s suffrage in Oregon. Willsburg School originally served the area, built in 1877 at what is now SE 26th and Tacoma. In 1927, construction began on the building that’s so familiar to today’s students and has since been an integral part of the Eastmoreland community. After the building was completed, it was renamed “Duniway School” and was designated as a historical landmark in 1993.

duniway-dragonDuniway Elementary School has been awarded the state of Oregon’s highest rating of “exceptional” for five consecutive years with over 90% of students meeting or exceeding state standards in reading and mathematics. We are located at 7700 SE Reed College Place.

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