Photography by Norman Hersom · Drawing by Miranda Yao, 2nd grader.

8006 SE 30th · English Cottage

Grab a cup of hot tea and a good book, put your feet up by the fire and remember where you put your Wellies - the Duniway Home Tour will bring the English countryside to you when you visit this lovingly curated English cottage. The broad stone steps, the arched porch entry, and the steeply pitched roof will steal your imagination and transport you to a simpler time – and that’s just the beginning of this storybook tale.

Built in 1925 on one of Eastmoreland’s finest streets by Emil Nilson, this adorable 2800 square foot, 3-bedroom, 3- bath home has been cared for by many families throughout the years - but it is clear that for current owners, Michael and Kristin Kelly - this home is a dream come true.

Characteristic of the English cottage style, the Kelly home is cozy, warm and inviting, with a tiled fireplace, arched and double-hung windows, leaded glass, coved trim and one of Kristin’s favorite features – a milk slot. A 100-year-old gum tree graces the peaceful, outdoor backyard patio.

Michael and Kristin are skilled do-it-yourself enthusiasts and have undertaken several home improvement projects since they bought the house in 2015, removing and refinishing hardware from doors, and painting the walls in shades of bisque, green, red and gold. Other improvements the couple hired out include a new furnace and air conditioning electrical work.

Consistent with the Kelly’s love of old houses is their love of old objects, and particularly, project pieces from the Art Deco period. Tastefully chosen art deco furniture pieces from the 1930’s are on display throughout the house; including a gem of a blanket chest with silver beading and shell drawer pulls, a buffet with intricate and colorful inlay, and a china cabinet with patterned glass doors. Michael has carefully restored these pieces among others, including a waterfall bedroom set, replacing worn hardware and other elements. These gorgeous pieces add yet another layer of history and interest to this lovely home.

The Kelly’s are serious about honoring history, but their playful side shows up in the home as well, with a huge, chrome-trimmed candy machine, a small after-dinner mint dispenser, several antique cameras, and a colorful tulip light fixture over the kitchen sink.

It may be difficult to leave this wonderful home, but you’ll have some great memories and lots of artful inspiration to take with you.

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Artist rendering by  Miranda Yao, 2nd grader.

Artist rendering by Miranda Yao, 2nd grader.