2018 Homes on Tour

A very special thank you to these families for opening up their homes to us. A lot goes into preparing your home for this event and we can’t express how much it means to us that they’ve taken the time and care to showcase their holiday homes.

You can click into each one for a full description

Frank Lloyd Wright designed homes for people. "A building is not just a place to be. It is a way to be," he said. His iconic design philosophy is embodied in architecture that combines simplicity, harmony, unity and integrity. Learn more »


Passed down from generation to generation, handled with loving care and honored with a photographic tribute to all the babies who have worn it; this dress represents what this home is all about…family and genuine hospitality. Learn more »


The exterior of this graceful 1933 Colonial Revival home tells the story of a compact and formal home. Step through the entrance - flanked by artisanal leaded glass porthole windows - and the narrative suddenly changes. Learn more »


This architecturally significant jewel was designed in the early modern style by nationally renowned architect, Herman Brookman. Brookman, known for his work on the Frank Estate that is now part of Lewis and Clark College, and Temple Beth Israel in Northwest Portland, designed a handful of high impact, affordable and modern houses in Eastmoreland during the 1920’s and 30’s. Learn more »


This home is a Better Home – one of the many homes promoted in Portland during the Better Homes movement – a nationwide campaign initiated in 1922 under President Calvin Coolidge. Learn more »


Eastmoreland began as a City-Beautiful-Inspired Suburb in 1910. The idea behind this planning and design philosophy was to introduce beauty and grandeur into cities, thereby enhancing quality of life for its residents. Learn more »


Built in 1925 on one of Eastmoreland’s finest streets, this adorable 2800 square foot, 3-bedroom, 3-bath home has been cared for by many families throughout the years, but it is clear that for current owners, Michael and Kristin Kelly, this home is a dream…Learn more »